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What is 4D cleaning?

Pura4DTM have developed products with the clear purpose of creating thriving buildings.

Creating healthy buildings that are truly clean is only achieved with a holistic approach

That’s where 4D comes in. We divide the cleaning of a room or space into the four dimensions highlighted below to ensure that nothing is left. Take one dimension away and the result won’t be truly clean.

Redefining the standards

Cleaning all four dimensions will not only result in a safer environment, but it will also directly impact the health and wellbeing of both your cleaning team and your staff, pupils, visitors alike.

Through strategic partnerships, we have worked to challenge traditional and dated products and methods to create better solutions from the ground up and redefine the standard of cleaning. This standard will set a bar for the cleaning industry and create homes, workspaces, and public areas that are safe for young and old alike.

4D Cleaning

How does 4D cleaning come together to protect you?

Our goal is not just to provide our clients with 4D solutions that include cleaning products, equipment and machines that will address one or more dimensions. Instead, our solutions work together as a whole to create a clean environment and lay the foundational pillar of a thriving building.

This approach means you, your family, your students, and your employees lead healthier lives with less risk of illness.

Let’s take a look at how we bring about this revolutionary cleaning method to life.

1D Floors

Floor cleaning is an essential task for every cleaning operative around the world and likely one where most time is being spent. Floors are well-worn, cover a large surface area and need constant attention.

To combat dirt and diseases, we collate the very best products and services from leading manufacturers to create specialised solutions. These solutions increase floor cleanliness, reduce the time it takes, and make the back-breaking task of mopping/deck scrubbing, easier for the operative too.

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2D Walls & Ceilings

Often overlooked due to their height, walls and ceilings are a basic part of a cleaning maintenance program. These areas can be hard to reach with corners, grooves and high ceilings forming sanctuaries for dirt and grime. What’s more, with the increase in gloss surfaces as well as glass panelling, grease and dirt are a challenge.

We keep on top of these hard to reach areas with streamlined solutions designed to cover every inch. This ensures nothing gets missed and allows your cleaning operatives to work safely.

3D Furniture & Surfaces

Worktops and surfaces are another problem area. Areas like communal kitchens and desks can take a lot of time for the cleaning operative. Sinks, taps, desks, chairs and an extensive list of high touch points, surfaces need special attention. Not to mention the need to move and clean around personal items without damaging them.

Different surfaces react to different cleaning agents. To ensure the right cleaning method, we use our experience to design specialist cleaning agents and equipment. Our solutions cover every industry, surface, and need to offer a comprehensive surface-cleaning solution.

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4d Air Image

4D Air

A recent study showed that we now spend up to 90% of our time indoors. The buildings where we live, relax and work in affects our health, wellbeing and productivity.

Traditional cleaning rarely concerns itself with more than the bare minimum, for example; floors and furnishings. Many contaminants are not removed but simply redistributed, primarily through the air.

To combat this we have developed the latest in cleaning technology to scrub the air and ensure that all the dust and dirt you clean goes away for good. Clean air is something everyone deserves, and we are committed to providing you with a cleaning solution that cleans and protects.

Pura4Dtm certification

Pura4DTM Gold accreditation is a very unique, comprehensive certification that works to, not only, implement the holistic approach to cleaning but also ensure the correct protocols, techniques and best practices are implemented around cleaning and disinfection.
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