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Toilet roll dispensers

Protecting the wellbeing of students, staff and visitors alike.

Reduce toilet tissue waste by 15-30% and eliminate runouts even in high footfall environments.

Toilet tissue rolls products can cause significant problems for the maintenance team, from managing replenishments and preventing runouts, through to tidying the mess created by users. The latter being usually caused by badly designed dispensers or incorrect refill products. In some instances, drainage issues are a huge problem due to old drains collapsing or the way the waste pipework has been designed.

How would it feel to have those challenges resolved? Providing users with a better experience and the site team being able to more effectively manage the washroom environment.
The Purus toilet roll dispensers have been designed with two specific people in mind, the first being the user, the second being the personnel responsible for managing and maintaining the washroom environment. Let’s see how.

Eliminate waste

Prevent runouts

Ultra-high-capacity dispensers

Interested in driving down costs in the washroom?

Easy Maintenance

The Purus toilet roll dispensers have several features that the maintenance team are going to love. The first is their ultra-high capacity. The toilet roll refills for this system hold 1400 sheets per roll and the dispenser takes two rolls, delivering 2,800 sheets which is up to 6 times more than a conventional jumbo toilet roll. The impact, significantly less replenishment of paper and because it’s a dual roll system it simply never runs out. Simply add in a roll once the first one has gone.

  • Single sheet presentation
  • Lockable dispensers
  • Paper presented as a flat sheet ready to use
  • Zero stub role waste

Eliminate waste

The Purus toilet roll dispensing system is designed to eliminate waste, the brake function ensures that the user cannot easily free-run the roll and in turn the entire contents of the dispenser. Reducing waste significantly and ensuring your site team can concentrate on more meaningful tasks rather than clearing up toilet paper contents left on the washroom floor areas.

In addition, the fast-pulping tissue helps to reduce and, in some instances, completely alleviate troublesome drains which may have collapsed over time.

Delivering excellent functionality

With 2,800 sheets of toilet paper in a stocked dispenser, it ensures that your dispensers continue to supply for significantly longer periods than commodity-based products such as; bulk pack tissue, jumbo and mini jumbo rolls. This in turn has a significant impact on the washroom experience for users including:

  • Reduce or even eliminate runouts
  • Supplementary rolls are succeeded automatically
  • Significantly cut replenishment requirements
  • Manufactured from the toughest ABS, reducing vandalism related damages
  • Single sheet presentation

Toilet roll refills

Our range of toilet rolls for the Purus dispenser system include both two and three-ply options and manufactured from pure paper. Of course, we insist on a high commitment to the environment and are therefore able to provide options that are accredited to the following standards

  • EU Ecolabel
  • FSC
  • Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

If you would like to discuss your toilet roll requirements and challenges, then do not hesitate to make contact. Ultimately, we help a number of establishments implement smarter washroom solutions, it isn’t limited to any specific sector as such but rather designed to address the challenges in high footfall environments. To that end we help the education sector, hospitality, sports/leisure attractions and large businesses to reduce their washroom waste.

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