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Hand Soap Dispensers

Protecting the wellbeing of students, staff and visitors alike.

Easy load and ultra-high-capacity soap dispensers.

The provision of hand soap couldn’t be more critical in protecting the wellbeing of students, staff and visitors alike. If COVID-19 has taught us anything it’s the importance of good hand hygiene so it’s upon the estates and facilities teams to ensure the users of the washroom are provided with what they need to ensure just that. The Purus soap dispensers are designed to minimise waste and ensure low maintenance.

Eliminate waste

Prevent runouts

Ultra-high-capacity dispensers

Interested in driving down costs in the washroom?

Easy Maintenance

The Purus soap dispensers offer anti-drip technology to minimise waste that, combines with their high capacity reduces the need for too much maintenance.

  • Over 7,500 doses per refill
  • Lockable dispensers
  • Easy load system

Increased Hygiene

  • New nozzle with every pouch reduces cross contamination and prevents germs harbouring
  • Small user contact area and streamline design makes for easy cleaning
  • High capacity reduces the risk of runouts
  • Generous dose size and easy lather ensures effective single use

Foam Soap Refills

The Purus foam soap refills are available in both a lotion foam soap and an anti-bacterial foam soap, both refills are sold in 1Ltr and are designed to fit the same dispenser type.

  • High capacity – 2500 dosage from a 1000ml cartridge
  • High yield – Up to 4 times less consumption compared to conventional liquid soap

If you would like to discuss your washroom requirements and challenges, then do not hesitate to make contact. Ultimately, we help a number of establishments implement smarter washroom solutions, it isn’t limited to any specific sector as such but rather designed to address the challenges in high footfall environments. To that end we help the education sector, hospitality, sports/leisure attractions and large businesses to reduce their washroom waste.

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