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Washroom dispensers

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Highly effective range of washroom dispensers

The Purus washroom system provides a simple yet highly effective range of washroom dispensers and consumables for the away-from-home market. The Purus washroom dispensing system, compromising of toilet roll, hand towel and hand hygiene solutions has been designed to meet the highest demands and challenges of the washroom environment. The system brings together a stylish & contemporary appeal, exceptional functionality, and most importantly hygiene to deliver market leading performance.

The Purus dispenser range ensures easy maintenance and are engineered to survive challenging environments, but also to specifically cut waste and in turn significantly reduce costs, making it suitable for the most demanding environment and where smart cost savings are looked for that will address the route-cause challenges of high wastage.

Available in five colourways Purus is ideal for any washroom environment and offers a full complement of washroom dispensers including, toilet roll, hand towel roll & soap dispensers.

Ensure your students, customers, visitors and staff don’t have to walk out your washroom with wet hands with our well thought out design and functionality.

Perfect for high footfall washrooms


Ultra high-capacity, abuse resistant and no theft.


Drain friendly paper and controlled dispensing prevents overuse and reduces waste.


Single sheet presentation and an easy to wipe clean surface.

Eliminate waste and reduce costs.

When looking at cost reduction in the washroom environment, it’s important that you consider usage level of the products concerned. What may appear as the cheapest solution in most cases results in the highest level of waste. With Purus that’s not the case our carefully designed waste reduction elements mean, a controlled user of product, a lot less replenishment and ultimately a smart cost saving choice which addresses the route cause problem. What’s more you may qualify for a full fit-out of dispensers, including the dispensers at no cost at all.

Ultra-High Capacity

Designed for even the very busiest washrooms, the Purus washroom solutions have been designed to hold an unusually high amount of product, this results in saving time for the site & estates team and most importantly it significantly reduces the risk of runouts. Something we all want to avoid.

Environmental Impact

North Shore proudly carries the EU Ecolabel Certificate across all recycled paper and a selection of soap products.

Our manufacturing processes have been scrutinised to ensure we meet the EU’s stringent ‘Green Guidelines’ and maintain the highest quality standards. By offering Ecolabel product, you can rest assured that all North Shore products have minimal environmental impact.

Multi-Sector Solutions

The Purus washroom dispensing solutions are perfect for very high footfall environments due to their ultra-high capacity. This backed by the environmental credentials and hygienic dispensing make this system perfect for an extensive range of sectors including: Education, Public & office buildings, sport grounds and hospitality to name a few.

Washroom products

Our smart solutions help your team to work faster, cleaner, greener, safer and better.

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