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MotorScrubber JET3 Portable Scrubber

Starting from £845

MotorScrubber JET3 Portable Scrubber

The JET3 Portable Scrubber from Motorscrubber is a powerful scrubbing machine that completely removes the need for ungainly buckets. With a built-in chemical injection and incredible build quality, the JET 3 offers 4x faster cleaning in those small spaces where your typical scrubbing machine can’t access. The JET3 is perfect for a wide range of sectors including



Ideal for corridors, toilets and washrooms



Great on boat cabins, train cars and other public vehicles

Hotel & leisure

Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and large areas


Commercial kitchen

Tough on grease, stains and other spillages

This versatile cleaning system is designed to deep clean all surfaces and materials. Achieve improved results, restore tired surfaces, and sanitise your space with this all-in-one cleaning solution. The MotorScrubber JET3 can be used on tiles, grouting, walls, stairs, toilets, glass, and hard to reach surfaces.

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Precision Cleaning

The MotorScrubber JET3 is good for your space and the environment. With a built-in dosing system, this low-water cleaner uses concentrated solution sprayed with precision by a high-pressure pump. This solution feeds through the durable scrubbing head to provide a deep clean up to 3m.

JET3 Portable Scrubber - Precision Cleaning
JET3 Portable Scrubber - Mobile and Cordless

Mobile and Cordless

Motor Scrubber has also designed an ergonomic backpack that provides support and cleaning solution to the JET3. This lightweight, padded backpack gives you a 4-hour runtime and comes stocked with a 1L bottle for your cleaning solution. This bottle can be easily removed for refilling. The backpack and JET3 weigh in at under 2KG making it the perfect cleaner for hard to reach places and tricky layouts. The long cleaning handle can also reach up to 3m allowing you to clean walls and ceilings.

The built-in sealed battery is maintenance-free and can be charged overnight to provide a 4-hour runtime. This advanced charging system has over 1000 charges to provide you with a cleaning system that is reliable and consistent.

Robust Build Quality

Despite its lightweight construction this cleaning device is built to last. The system employs forged alloy gears and a high impact nylon casing to deal with the wear and tear associated with cleaning.

JET3 Portable Scrubber - Robust
JET3 Portable Scrubber - Custom brush Attachments

Custom Brush Attachments

Motor Scrubber has developed a wide range of pads and brushes to tackle any floor type. Whether you need the versatile medium brush head, a stair and baseboard brush, melamine pad, or tile and grout brush, the JET3 has the attachment you need. Quick and easy to change, this all-in-one cleaner does it all. no longer an exhausted manual labourer, but rather a motivated and proud i-mop operator. But also easier for the building manager who can establish more efficient cleaning procedures, while the building occupants experience a cleaner and healthier environment.

JET3 Portable Scrubber - Product

Motor Life JET3

starter kit £845.02 + VAT


4 hours

Charge time

8 hours


2.2kg / 4.8lbs

Scrubbing width

18cm / 7.5”


144m²/hour / 472ft²/hour

Linear Performance

799 m/hour / 2621ft/hour

Brush RPM


Motor Torque

11.18 g/cm / 1096.3 mN.m

Machine weight

1.75kg / 3.8lb

Backpack weight

3kg/ 6.6lb

Pump Open Flow

5l/min / 1.3Gal/min

Pump Pressure

7.9 Bar / 1116 PSI

MS2000M Handle

W 17 x H 15 x L 112cm / W 6.7 x H 5.9 x L 4.4”

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