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I-Vac Commercial Vacuums

Starting from £159

Small in size, Big on power

Vacuum faster and create cleaner air

The range of i-vac commercial vacuums are a powerhouse machine that have been created and designed with feedback from users, their input, and insights from many years’ experience of working with different machines.

This streamlined range consists of two cabled vacuums and two battery vacuums to provide options for a wide range of users and facilities.

Vacuuming plays an integral role in creating cleaner air and that’s why, with exceptional level of filtration, we can remove pathogens, allergens and particles that cause health issues.


Compact & Lightweight

Starting at just 5.2kg the i-vac is easy to handle.



Battery option significantly reduces vacuuming time

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Clean air

With three types of filtration, air pollution can be drastically reduced



Battery powered options eliminates the trip risk associated with cables

Want to see our products in action?

I-Vac 5

The i-vac 5 commercial vacuum cleaner is a powerhouse of a machine, a very dependable name withing the cleaning industry,

the i-vac 5 cabled vacuum has surprised every user with its proven mobility, design and power.

The unique egg-shaped canister provides optimal working in smaller areas and close-to-body carrying. Equipped with a lighted on/off switch, so that you can easily troubleshoot over the phone in case of power failures or any other technical difficulties.

Specifically, unique features include lockable vacuum bags Preventing dust leakage and all accessories supplied with the machine are stored on the vacuum for easy access.

I-vac 5 Commercial Vacuum
i vac 6 Commercial Vacuum

I-Vac 6

Modern vacuuming at its best. All the features of the i-vac 5 and more. Increased specification includes: longer cable & hose length, increased capacity and air flow for better pick up.

The i-vac 6 commercial vacuum cleaner is the ultimate vacuum compromising of a robust non-breakable material, with several unique features to help the user complete their task faster, and get better results.

Features include;

  • Non-breakable body
  • Patented Whizzo indicator that tells the user when their vacuum is clogged, or the bag is full.
  • Fragrance cassette provides a pleasant aroma
  • Two power settings (High & Low). The latter is perfect for day-time vacuuming of occupied buildings like offices

One of the leading backpacks on the market

I-Vac 6 filtration syste

A lot of dust, debris and tiny particles are picked up by the airstream of a vacuum cleaner while cleaning.

The last thing you want is for those particles to exhaust back into the air. That’s why we have 3 types of filtration systems for different needs: Standard, HEPA and ULPA. Standard is perfect for day to day cleaning. The HEPA filter will get rid of pathogens, allergens and particles that cause health issues that are often associated with asthma. Our ULPA filters are used in environments where a high standard of clean air should be maintained.

i vac 6 filtration system
i vac 5B Commercial Vacuum

I-Vac 5B

All the features of the i-vac 5, but providing you with the complete freedom to move. The addition of a powerful lithium-ion battery and the cable removed enables the user to vacuum fast and safe. Removing the trip risk and with no cable management to worry about results in an impressive user experience. What’s more filters can be upgraded to HEPA or ULPA to ensure even cleaner air.

Battery options:

  • i-power 9 (Run time 30 minutes)
  • i-power 14 (Run time 40 minutes)
  • Charger Type: Off-board

I-Vac 9B

The i-power 9B engine reaches approx. 80% of the suction powered that a cable operated vacuum but with the strain of being tied down by a cable.

Cordless vacuums are a quick win for saving time in your cleaning regimes, particularly when plug socket changes are high. Battery vacuums result in vacuuming up to four times faster.

Battery powered freedom at it’s best. Providing significantly increased vacuuming time before recharging is required.

Battery options:

  • i-power 9 Run time
    • One battery: 30 minutes.
    • Two Batteries: 80 minutes
  • i-power 14 Run time
    • One battery: 50 minutes.
    • Two Batteries: 100 minutes

Charger Type: Off-board

i vac 9B Commercial Vacuum
i vac 5B Commercial Vacuum

i-vac 5

£159.32 + VAT

i vac 5B Commercial Vacuum

i-vac 5B

i vac 6 Commercial Vacuum

i-vac 6

£199.83 + VAT

i vac9B 700x700px 1

i-vac 9B

Carry weight


5.2 kg

6.8 kg

7 kg

Size body (l x w x h)

38 x 33 x 38 cm

38 x 33 x 38 cm

39 x 38 x 36 cm

45 x 45 x 41 cm

Hose length

180 cm

180 cm

250 cm

250 cm

Cable length

800 cm

1500 cm


5 L

5 L

6 L

9 L

Diameter of tools

32 mm

32 mm

32 mm

32 mm


Indoor, dry

Indoor, dry


Indoor, dry

Power source

i-power 9 or 14*

i-power 9 or 14 battery*

Charger type



Superpro 700 Comparision Chart

Superpro 700

from £249

Superpro 700 Comparision Chart

Superpro 700 Advanced

from £249

Velo Comparision Chart


from £249

Practical performance

700 – 1000 m2 per hour

1000 – 13000 m2 per hour

1200 – 1800 m2 per hour

Brush speed

500 RPM

350 RPM

350 RPM

Brush pressure

13 kg

22.5 kg

32 kg

Operation width

37 cm

46 cm

62 cm

Size machine (l x w x h)

34 x 43 x 120 cm

50 x 38 x 120 cm

43 x 69 x 124 cm

Power source

1 pack (20 cells)

2 i-power 9 batteries

2 i-power 14 batteries

Run time

45 min

60 – 70 min

60 min

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