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I-Air Pro

Starting from £6,550

Improving your life

I-Air Pro

Improve the air quality of your home, office or any other indoor space with the I-AIR PRO. We spend the majority of our lives indoors. Whether relaxing at home after a long day at work, meeting clients to plan your next strategy, or meeting up with friends to catch up over a coffee, we spend more time inside than we realise. Confined spaces and a lack of airflow can lead to invisible contaminations forming and becoming a threat to your health. In fact, indoor air quality is said to be 5-10x worse than the great outdoors.

Luckily, the i-air PRO is here to scrub the air in your space and remove:


matter (PM)

PM2.5 pr PM10 particles such as exhaust fumes and pollution


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Gaseous contaminants emitted from solids and liquids such as pesticides and paints

Microiological Contamination 1


Naturally forming forms such as viruses, moulds and bacteria

This high capacity air healer processes the air in spaces up to 500m² delivering MERV19-class air. This makes it ideal for medium to large spaces such as offices, hospitals, sports venues, schools, hotels, and restaurants.

It is also great for the environment. The i-air PRO uses filters with a long lifespan and draws a minimal amount of power to limit your carbon footprint. Quiet and efficient, this air healer is as good for you as it is for the environment around you.

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What is the MERV rating?

An air filter’s ‘minimum efficiency reporting value’ or MERV rating is a universal measurement on how effective a filter is at stopping contaminants. Filters with a rating of 16 and lower are considered to be standard for residential, commercial, and general clinical use. Ratings of 17-20 are extremely clean and are usually found in surgical operating rooms and laboratories.


What are the effects of cleaner air?

Cleaner air can reduce the chance of short and long term health risks. Different air contaminants can affect different parts of the body and can be responsible for issues such as headaches, asthma, liver problems, eye and skin irritations, and even increased risks of heart attack.

The FS-ACT technology built into the i-air PRO is the only technology that stops all air contaminants, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. Air quality affects every part of your life. From health and wellbeing to productivity, improving the quality of your indoor air is one of the biggest steps you can take to improving the safety and productivity of you and your team.

Remove 99,9999% of PM and microbiological contaminants as well as 95-97% of VOCs today with the i-air PRO. Contact us to find out more or take a look at the models we have on offer. Cleaner, healthier air is only a few clicks away.

I-AIR PRO - Product
I-AIR PRO - Product

i-air Pro

from £6,550

Power requirements

110/230V 50/60Hz

Energy Consumption

Low 203W, Medium 210W, High 236W, Max 250W

Dimensions (l x w x h)

1273 x 684 x 334 mm

Fan motor

DC 12V, long lifespan, non-stop use OK

Control Panel

20 characters, 4-line LCD encoder

Air output (Low-Max)

200 – 600m3/h

Housing material


Noise Level, 4 fan speeds

Low 32dB, Medium 52dB, High 56 dB, Max 61dB

EN 1822 filter classification

HEPA E12 ≥99,967% EPA E12 ≥99,900%

Main HEPA filter life

Up to 24 months, with 24/7 operation, depends on PM contamination level

PM particle filtration at ≥0,2μ (H14


VOC reduction (TVOC)


Microbiological contamination reduction level


Output air quality

Merv 19

Recommended room size

250-500m2, depending on the air contamination level

Max room size

Up to 500m2

Neutralization chamber

Self-cleaning, long life, maintenance-free 48 months (standard working mode, no boost function used)

Display languages


Fan speed settings


Control via local LAN

Yes, a dedicated website

UV lamps life status

Real-Time control

Working modes

Manual/Automatic: Dust level, output air

Yes, LCD

VOC level, output air

Yes, LCD: Boost function

Extra neutralization power, highest VOC and microbes reduction level

Electrical safety

CE, EMC certification

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