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Greenspeed Flat Mop

Starting from £54

Remove even the most stubborn stains

Reduce labor cost and cleans much faster

The Greenspeed Flat Mop offers smart cleaning solutions designed with modern professional environments in mind. Their advanced microfibre pads and purpose-built mops give you the power to remove even the most stubborn stains, dirt, and grime.

The Greenspeed Flat Mop is an efficient, innovative, and ecological cleaning solution. This simple yet effective mop system allows you to ‘click, fill, spray and clean’ in an instant. Each Greenspeed mop is fitted with leading cleaning technology such as a quick and easy magnetic lock system for switching heads.

65 Less

65% less chemical


Proven time savings

6 hours

Up to 6 hour run time

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Encapsulate surfaces

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Microfibre Technology

The microfibre pads make sure your cleaning team reach those nooks and crannies to give your space a deep clean that is sanitary and looks great. Each fibre splits to give you maximum surface area and absorption. Furthermore, this effective material requires less water or cleaning solution to clean reducing your water waste and chemical consumption.

The Greenspeed Flat Mop

The i-mop user experience

Sprenkler System

Greenspeed has also developed the cutting edge Sprenkler system. The Sprenkler takes away the need for heavy buckets filled with cleaning solution. Instead, the Sprenkler integrates a water reservoir into your mop for controlled, instantaneous water application. Simply, add your cleaning solution to the water tank at the top of the handle, lock it, and push down on the handle to apply the exact amount of cleaning solution needed.

Helping the environment along the way

Greenspeed is committed to providing smart cleaning solutions which have a real and positive impact on people and the environment.

Environmental Friendly

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