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Cleaning the air

Invisible contaminations are a threat

When we think about cleaning, the air can often be overlooked as you can’t see it.

Only recently has a real focus been placed on air with the transmission of viruses but indoor air pollution also includes things like dust, particles generated from lots of appliances such as cooking stoves and can contain organisms such as dust mites, mold’s, bacteria and viruses.

A recent study showed that we now spend up to 90% of our time indoors. The buildings where we live, relax and work in affects our health, wellbeing and productivity.

Our solution

Traditional cleaning rarely concerns itself with more than the bare minimum, for example; floors and furnishings. Many contaminants are not removed but simply redistributed, primarily through the air.

To combat this we have developed the latest in cleaning technology to scrub the air and ensure that all the dust and dirt you clean goes away for good.

Creating cleaner air is not as complicated as it might first seem, you can positively impact the air in your facility almost immediately. With improved tools, better filtration on equipment and safer cleaning agents, not dangerous chemicals you can positively impact the air quality immediately.

Combine these changes with air filtration systems and you can achieve the highest level of air quality that will create an environment where your building occupants can genuinely thrive and create highly productive spaces for your staff, students or visitors.

We can help you remove dust particles of which 99% are invisible to the eye. Significantly reduce gaseous contaminants omitted from both solids and liquids. And work seamlessly to tackle microbiological contaminants including bacteria, viruses and mould. This threefold strategy creates air that is truly clean to an unbeatable MERV 19 level.

Clean air is something everyone deserves, and we are committed to providing you with a cleaning solution that cleans and protects.


Improve the air quality of your home, office or any other indoor space with the I-AIR PRO. We spend the majority of our lives indoors.

I-AIR PRO - Product
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The 3D-100 disinfectant gun uses the principle of electrostatic induction to evenly and effectively distribute disinfectants.