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2D Ceilings & Walls

Ceiling & wall cleaning

What you can’t see matters

Cleaning walls and ceilings is an important part of the cleaning maintenance of any building.

It is easy to forget that walls and ceilings are always exposed to numerous contaminants and these areas can be hard to reach with corners, grooves and high ceilings forming sanctuaries for dirt and grime. Each day they can collect dust and dirt and they are often overlooked due to their height.

All walls and ceilings should be included as part of a basic part of a cleaning maintenance program and with the rig. What’s more, with the increase in gloss surfaces as well as glass panelling, grease and dirt are a challenge.

Our solution

We keep on top of these hard to reach areas with streamlined solutions designed to cover every inch. This ensures nothing gets missed and our innovative products allow your cleaning operatives to work safely.

Removing dust and dirt build up from 2D surfaces has double impact. Removing it is crucial, but it doesn’t just create clean 2D surfaces, it plays an integral role in cleaning the air and eliminating the small microscopic particles within dust that hold many germs that cause sickness.

That is why the right equipment is so important and will make the difference of actually cleaning and removing these particles or just making them airborne ready to be digested by building occupants.

Conventional cleaning tools often don’t capture dirt effectively and that’s why the right equipment plays an integral role when cleaning this dimension.


The range of i-vac commercial vacuums are a powerhouse machine that have been created and designed with feedback from users, their input, and insights from many years’ experience of working with different machines.

I-vac 5 Commercial Vacuum
Pac Vac Velo


Our selection of efficient PACVAC vacuum cleaners from leading brands like Superpro and Velo offers effective cleaning and ultimate convenience.

Greenspeed Flat Mop

The Greenspeed Flat Mop offers smart cleaning solutions designed with modern professional environments in mind. 

The Greenspeed Flat Mop
JET3 Portable Scrubber - Precision Cleaning

Motorscrubber Jet3

The JET3 Portable Scrubber from Motorscrubber is a powerful scrubbing machine that completely removes the need for ungainly buckets.