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Floor cleaning

Upgrade your productivity, clean safer, clean fast, clean better.

Floor cleaning is widely known as one of the key tasks when cleaning a building.

Floors are well-worn, cover a large surface area and need constant attention and, in turn, it is an essential task for every cleaning operative around the world.

In most cases floor cleaning is where most time is being spent but there are products and methods that can speed this up and make your cleaning more efficient and environmentally freindly.

Our solution

To combat dirt and diseases, we have sourced the very best products and services from leading manufacturers to create specialised floor cleaning solutions.

These solutions increase floor cleanliness, significantly reduce the time it takes, improve the health and safety of the operatives and protect the environment.

Through the use of the right products and tools to clean floors it has a significant and positive knock on affect across all other dimensions.

Cleaning floors faster with better results enables more time to clean areas that are otherwise left alone. Which more often than not is 2D Surfaces such as walls, ceilings, cabinets, partitions etc)

With more effective equipment that more effectively traps and captures dirt and dust it positively impacts all other dimensions including the air.

We help you to achieve real clean results addressing all four dimensions at reduced cost and as well as simplifying the process for the operative.


The range of i-vac commercial vacuums are a powerhouse machine that have been created and designed with feedback from users, their input, and insights from many years’ experience of working with different machines.

I-vac 5 Commercial Vacuum
I-Mop Auto Scrubber - Difference


The I-Mop Auto Scrubber family cleans up to 70% faster than conventional wet mopping and up to 30% faster than conventional auto scrubbing. The i-mop get right to the edge and under obstacles means a virtual elimination of manual operations that are required to supplement conventional machine scrubbing.


Our selection of efficient PACVAC vacuum cleaners from leading brands like Superpro and Velo offers effective cleaning and ultimate convenience. Our backpack vacuum cleaners speed up cleaning times by removing the need to roll or lift your vacuum cleaner and freeing up your team to clean around tight spaces and tricky areas.

Pac Vac Superpro 700
3D 100 image


The 3D-100 disinfectant gun uses the principle of electrostatic induction to evenly and effectively distribute disinfectants. 

Greenspeed Flat Mop

The Greenspeed Flat Mop offers smart cleaning solutions designed with modern professional environments in mind. 

The Greenspeed Flat Mop
JET3 Portable Scrubber - Precision Cleaning

Motorscrubber Jet3

The JET3 Portable Scrubber from Motorscrubber is a powerful scrubbing machine that completely removes the need for ungainly buckets.