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i-Van; The mobile showroom

Let us come to you between the 4th & 15th April!

The i-van is the new access to a mobile showroom, with full capabilities to display the new and innovative pieces of cleaning equipment that i-team global have available to help facilities provide safer, cleaner, greener, faster, better facilities.

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Why we have the

This is our way of making sure that we can help your facility cut costs and make time savings in cleaning processes, utilising the i-van to show you the vast range of innovative, market leading equipment that covers every area and every challenge.

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Watch the video from our first i-van tour

Our July 2021 i-van tour kick started on the 16th July, after 4 months of careful campaign & project planning and prep. As i-team partners, we have a simple goal for every facility, Whether its an educational institute, a public building, a tourist attraction or a commercial premises, we want to strengthen facilities departments and show how easy it is to be able to get real clean results on a daily basis.

The i-van hit the trail straight away, providing useful insights into new innovation as well as helping facilities with tips and tricks on how to make their facility and cleaning processes faster, cleaner, greener, safer, and better for the operatives, driving down time and costs throughout all cleaning processes.

Our next booking period for the i-van

Our account managers will have full access to the i-van during the dates of 4th and the 15th April where they will be glad to pay a visit to your facility to show you how items like the i-mop, the i-gum, and the i-drive are key to providing a thorough and high quality clean.

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