August 17, 2021

Increasing Sustainability In Your Cleaning Processes

We are proud to be championing reducing chemical usage, limiting water use and encouraging recycling.

These are all important techniques to ensure your business is environmentally sustainable and that you are still providing a highly effective clean facility. Furthermore, these techniques often lead to cost savings as well as making a positive difference.
There are 4 main areas to implementing sustainability in your facility and the following article will give you the knowledge to ensure that your cleanliness is kept at the top of its game.

Reducing Cleaning Chemicals

It is already positive that we have seen a shift away from the use of harsh chemicals by facilities managers in order to reduce their negative impact on the environment. In the past, too often facility managers relied on chemicals to provide a thorough clean; however, there are now alternatives that are being quickly adopted.

Microfibre deserves the attention it has received because of its ability to remove fine particles, bacteria, microbes, and oils hidden in surface crevices, that cotton sponges or cloths typically cannot reach.

There are still many people that don’t know that microfibre products completely remove microbes, with less water and without the need to use harsh chemicals. Chemicals also often kill but don’t remove bacteria which isn’t ideal. In some cases, the use of microfibre allows chemicals to be cut out of the cleaning process, with up to a 95 percent reduction in chemical volume used.

There is also a big increase in the use of stabilised aqueous ozone which is a rapidly adopted system that is being utilised by many to ensure a safe, chemical-free solution which can be used on all washable surfaces as a single cleaner and disinfectant.

This solution still has all the necessary accreditations to make it suitable against bacteria and viruses, but provides a higher level of safety for the operatives and building users when being used.

Eliminating Single use plastics

We feel that every facility should be looking to move away from buying single use cleaning chemicals and should consider ways of refining and cutting out the use of needless single use plastics as there are alternatives. It is a sad fact that 50% of all plastic produced out of 380million tons per year, is for single-use purposes and used for minutes then thrown away.

We encourage our customers to use a system whereby operatives have a specific trigger bottle for each area of the cleaning categories or areas that means they don’t need to constantly purchase the ready to use products in disposable bottles.

Some people have concerns about the correct dosing of cleaning chemicals, but most implement the probiotic portable dosing system, which measures the correct amount which can then be poured straight into the trigger spray bottles. That said, if you are using Stabilised Aqueous Ozone as your main cleaning solution then there is no dilution rates required.

By using these methods within your facility, you will straight away be cutting down on chemical usage, cost and also reducing the amount of single plastics you use in a year.

Minimising water usage

Traditionally, when cleaning a facility there is often a reliance on water; however, a considerable amount of water is wasted through mopping or cleaning surfaces with a wet cloth.
Many facility managers feel now is the time to start taking measures to decrease water usage by introducing
innovative cleaning methods. Not only does it limit water usage but it also cuts operational costs and decreases the impact on the environment.

An important step towards curbing water usage is to use products, such as microfibre cloths, which drastically
reduce the amount of water required for a thorough clean. Microfibre products give managers the advantage of doing less with more, contributing to the goal of sustainable cleaning.

In addition to cleaning with microfibre, there are other steps facility managers can take to reduce water

You can also check the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme to find information about the water efficiency of products and these simple steps towards curbing water usage are essential for facilities to achieve top recognition for sustainable cleaning.

Embrace Innovation and Save Time and Money

With so many innovative changes in the cleaning industry since the pandemic, it’s important to keep up to speed with what is going on and what equipment and processes are now available to help facilities cut down on time and money, resources and unsustainable processes.

The simplest way of doing this is to keep in regular contact with your hygiene & janitorial supplier who should be knowledgeable as to what solutions are available to make reductions in the facility and really help the facility become a thriving building that is thoroughly clean.

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Increasing Sustainability In Your Cleaning Processes