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Professional cleaning audit

Effectively manage your building's risk from viruses with our professional cleaning audit from £495 +VAT

Expert cleaning audit services

Current guidelines suggest that all schools, offices and public buildings need to take further measures to improve cleaning standards but how much extra is enough?

With so much information available and an ever changing set of guidelines, it can be hard to understand exactly what you need to do to keep a clean and safe building environment for all.

Our Professional Cleaning Audit will give you the peace of mind that you have hired expert advice to give you a written external assessment of what you are doing well at and what needs to be improved.

To make our cleaning audit as thorough as possible, we have pulled together the guidance provided from the world’s leading health authorities and industry leading experts to create a comprehensive data backed audit.

Let us allow you to can get on with what you do best knowing that we have taken care of the cleaning risk assessment so your operatives and occupants can be given the highest level of protection by simply following the recommendations.

*Sold subject to our standard terms and conditions available on request.

How our cleaning audit works

1) Consultation call

The purpose of this call is to find out basic, specific details around your facilities, but predominantly we discuss your challenges, concerns and goals around cleaning and hygiene. This initial call is conducted online via zoom or teams, or over the phone.

This step is a basic, yet fundamental part of the whole audit. From there we plan the building audit at a time that suits you.

Step 1
Step 2

2) Building audit

One of our industry-leading consultants will make a visit in order to obtain a greater understand of your facility and the associated needs. Specific attention will be made to the level of cleanliness which will form part of a comprehensive assessment that’s backed by real live data and swab testing.

The cleaning audit is split up into 8 sections covering all aspects of cleaning and hygiene. Sustainability, environmental and safety aspects are all integral to a building which is thriving all of which are audited to create a holistic, data driven report.

3) Comprehensive data-diven report

We’ll give you the guidance you need to ensure you have the right products to match the right processes to ensure high levels of cleanliness, without sacrificing your sustainability and environmental goals. The purpose of our cleaning audit is to help you create a safer facility for your staff and building users all whilst driving down costs and increase efficiencies.

This includes;

  • An assessment of your cleaning and hygiene regimes

  • Swab tests to obtain accurate levels of cleanliness in different areas of the facility

  • A summary of observations and prioritised recommendations to get you back on track
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4) The audit findings

Providing you with the cleaning audit findings is one thing but we don’t just leave it there. Our consultant will arrange a follow up call over zoom/teams and run through the cleaning audit report in detail.

Compiled into the cleaning audit report is a plan of action in priority order. This plan of action is designed to help you execute easily and in turn obtain a cleaner, safe, green and better facility that can start to thrive. If the cleaning audit findings show you are on top of your game, the good news is you will obtain the Pura4D Bronze certification. Go straight to section 6.

5) Implementation support

I’m sure everyone is aware that reports often are put into drawers never to be seen of again. That can’t be said with the Pura4D cleaning audit.

We haven’t done our job if we haven’t helped you create a cleaner, safer, greener facility so we provide you with personal 1-2-1 support throughout the following 4 weeks to help you implement the action plan from the cleaning audit. During this time we will help you understand how any changes are made and how it can be done with the least disruption.


6) Certification

Once your cleaning audit and action plan has been implemented then we will send you a printed certificate to prove to all who visit that you are;

  • Using the latest cleaning processes
  • Maintaining all 4D cleaning best practices
  • Adhering to documented procedures to maintain strict cleaning routines
  • Providing effective measures to protect all building occupants and visitors
  • Using external specialist consultants to prove the building’s cleanliness