July 6, 2020

One Manchester – Case Study

One Manchester

Sector: Residential

Products: Cleaning, Hygiene

Location: Greater Manchester

One Manchester is a provider of housing and community services. Formed in April 2015 from a historic merger between two of Manchester’s largest housing associations – City South and Eastlands Homes, they currently own and manage more than 12,000  homes in central, south and east Manchester. Their success relies on innovation and constantly looking for new ways to improve.  

To this end, doing something the same way for years doesn’t mean it’s the right way and the facilities management team were keen to address some challenges for better and smarter methods that they believed could be achieved but weren’t sure how. Especially in a time where health and cleanliness are at the forefront of our minds, it was important that One Manchester show they are respondent to factors outside their control. 

With a large maintenance team that is responsible for all building maintenance including cleaning, One Manchester’s goals were clear:

–    Streamline efficiencies

–    Create safer & healthier communal spaces

–    Implement innovation that worked and would result in, increased resident satisfaction

We started with a free consultation designed to show One Manchester where they could improve their cleaning procedures. Our core purpose with Pura4D is around creating thriving buildings.

One Manchester’s goals matched our area of expertise. We got to work and started by thoroughly understand their goals, combining them with their challenges and compiled a solution that would embrace the holistic 4D (four-dimensional) approach to cleaning. 

We challenged their existing methods to improve their systems and show where they could save time and money all the while improving their cleaning process. We created a complete solution that was safer, faster, greener, yet still obtained cleaner results and was ultimately better for both the operatives and the residents.

The first step in this process started with an onsite discovery meeting at one of their high rise blocks in Manchester. This enabled us to review the existing cleaning methods thoroughly. Our review was followed by a detailed meeting with their management team, covering existing and potential cleaning methods. We provided practical advice on where improvements could be made in conjunction with demonstrations of equipment, machines and cleaning solutions.

After a successful demonstration, the next step was to trial our systems and see how they fit. This was mainly to ensure team buy-in. Once quickly implemented, teams were fully-trained and given access to direct support. The trial was completed with several teams and operatives introducing the new cleaning procedures into their daily routines. We then carried out a thorough debrief from the team supervisors and a summary made by the Facilities Manager.

The results were clear to see. 

Our solutions to these cleaning regimes resulted in:

More efficient & smarter ways of working

–  Increased efficiency dramatically across all the schemes

Increased cleanliness  

 –  Higher levels of cleanliness with the additional time that has been created due to increased efficiencies. 

 –  Deep cleaning of floors has also been accomplished more easily with results that would never have been possible previously.


 –  Dry floors within just 2-3 minutes as appose to what could be as long as 10-15 minutes with previous methods. 

 –  Significantly reduced tasks that created airborne dust. 


The overall result for One Manchester is that they can clean areas faster, increase cleaning standards using greener methods, resulting in safer environments and ultimately better for all involved. This improves the lives of residents, the work efforts of operatives, and benefits One Manchester as a whole. 

The four dimensions have all also been positively impacted and as we begin to come out of lockdown, further changes to schemes are going to further enhance the holistic approach to cleaning which will result in a real clean environment for staff and clients alike.

  • 1D – Floors
  • 2D – Walls
  • 3D – Surfaces
  • 4D – Air 

If you are interested in what goes into a 4D cleaning solution or would like to find out about how we can help then contact us today. We offer free consultations and our experts are on hand to answer all the questions you may have. 

Statement from One Manchester: 

“Right from the outset the help and the support provided has been fantastic, that combined with their ability to compile tailored solutions to meet our needs has worked. We knew certain areas needed efficiencies implementing but we weren’t sure how. 

Twelve months on, we are now able to see the benefit of implementing the new ways of working. Facilities are cleaner, operatives have seen the tangible benefits from the changes implemented and we haven’t looked back.

For me, one of the key factors in the whole success of this partnership has been the attention to detail right from the outset. I could see the detail that was going into helping us obtain our goals, the focus was on us and that gave me confidence when the solutions were proposed. This was further backed up by tangible data, which for us included a trial. The whole process went extremely well and I continue to rely on Chespack Hygiene almost daily, in fact, I see them as a core partner to One Manchester.

On a separate note, at the time this case study was being collated we were just coming out of lockdown post-COVID-19 and the support that has been shown to One Manchester through this very difficult time has been exceptional. We quite simply couldn’t have got through without Chespack Hygiene.”

One Manchester – Case Study