March 28, 2023

What is 4D Cleaning?

Cleaning is a very important element of facilities management.  

When cleaning is carried out accurately it creates a safer environment, preventing the spread of bacteria and infection. Absences are reduced and staff morale is increased. A good standard of hygiene also presents a good image and helps to reinforce a positive reputation with visitors. 

However, creating healthy buildings that are truly clean can only achieved with a holistic approach. That’s where 4D cleaning comes in.  

In this blog, we’ll define what 4D Cleaning is and explain the many ways it can benefit your facility.  

Refining The Standards

The concept of 4D Cleaning requires a room or space be broken down into the 4 dimensions:  

  • 1D – Floors 
  • 2D – Walls & ceilings 
  • 3D – Surfaces 
  • 4D – Air 

Dividing out these areas into 4 dimensions ensures that nothing is left out. Take just one dimension away and the result won’t be truly clean. 

Cleaning all 4 dimensions will not only result in a safer environment, but it will also directly impact the health and wellbeing of both your cleaning team, your staff, pupils, and visitors alike. 

The 4 Dimensions
1D - Floors

Floor cleaning is an essential task for every cleaning operative around the world and likely one where most time is spent.  

The floor is the largest area of a facility, used by the largest number of people, as staff and visitors walk on hard flooring and carpets, bringing in soils from outside.  

For this reason, floors collect the most dirt and bacteria than any other dimension, and therefore require a lot of attention. 

Maintaining clean flooring throughout your facility will reduce bacteria and promote health and safety. Additionally, as dirt appears more conspicuously on flooring than other areas, ensuring your facility’s floors are kept clean will present a positive image that visitors will instantly notice as soon as they enter the building. 

2D - Walls & Ceilings

Walls and ceilings are a basic part of a cleaning maintenance program. These areas include corners, grooves and high ceilings forming sanctuaries for dirt and grime.  

However, this dimension is often overlooked due to their height. If neglected, dirt collects in these areas which can be harmful to health and indicate a low level of hygiene in a facility.

3D - Surfaces

Surfaces refer to objects, like worktops, sinks, taps, desks, and chairs, etc.  

Ensuring that surfaces are kept clean and free from bacteria and viruses, promotes health and safety and reduces illness amongst visitors and staff.  

High touch points in particular requires special attention. These are surfaces that are touched frequently on a daily basis by numerous people making them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. The most common bacteria and viruses found on high touch points are influenza, hepatitis A virus, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and COVID 19. 

Regularly cleaning high touch points with a disinfectant and adhering to its dwell time will significantly reduce bacteria and viruses, preventing illness spreading. 

4D - Air

Traditional cleaning rarely concerns itself with more than the bare minimum, for example, floors and furnishings. Many contaminants are not removed but simply redistributed, primarily through the air. 

In fact, recent studies show that indoor air quality can be 5-10 times worse than outdoor air quality. Considering we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, air is not something that should be neglected when it comes to cleaning.  

Air filtration units can be utilised which eradicate bacteria and viruses from the air. They work by absorbing harmful air particles, killing the viruses and bacteria, breaking down large particles and releasing clean air, protecting visitors and staff. 

In Conclusion

To wrap up, 4D cleaning works as a whole to create a clean environment and lay the foundational pillar of a thriving building.  

By dividing up all areas into the 4 dimensions: floors, walls & ceilings, surfaces and air; this method of cleaning guarantees that the entire space is properly cleaned. The results ensure a high level of hygiene and a safer workspace. 

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What is 4D Cleaning?