August 17, 2021

Washroom regulations you should be aware of!

Here is a summary of the regulations relating to school washrooms taken from “Advice on Standards for School Premises (2018)”

Numbers of fittings

The regulations do not set the minimum number of fittings to be provided in relation to the ages and numbers of pupils. Generally the needs of younger pupils are likely to be greater than those for older ones.

So, for example, a provision of one toilet and washbasin for every ten pupils under 5 years old would be adequate, while that ratio could be doubled for pupils aged 5-11 to one toilet and washbasin for every 20 pupils.

For pupils over 11 one toilet per 20 pupils would be sufficient, but there is scope to reduce the number of washbasins where the washing facilities are shared.

General planning

Toilet facilities need to be planned and designed so that:

1. Hand washing facilities are provided within or in the immediate vicinity of every toilet;

2. The rooms containing them are adequately ventilated and lit;

3. They are located in areas around the school that provide easy access for pupils and allow for informal supervision by staff, without compromising pupils’ privacy.

4. Where there is unisex provision (under ISS 23A (1) (b) or SPR 4 (2)), the privacy of the occupant needs to be ensured and this will be achieved by, for example, having adequate enclosure and a full height door.

Facilities for disabled pupils

Each toilet for disabled pupils needs to contain one toilet and one washbasin (and possibly a shower or other wash down fitting) and have a door opening directly onto a circulation space that is not a staircase and which can be secured from the inside. Where possible, the number and location of accessible toilets will be sufficient to ensure a reasonable travel distance for users that does not involve changing floor levels.

Changing accommodation and showers for pupils

It is preferable for showers to be in areas separated from toilets and they need to provide adequate privacy. Consideration may also be given to providing changing rooms, with or without showers, at primary schools for pupils who need to wear sports kit for physical education, but this is not required under the regulations.

Toilets and washing facilities or staff toilets and washing facilities for staff

May be also be used by visitors. They should be separate from those provided for pupils, except where they are designed for use by those who are disabled.

Washroom regulations you should be aware of!