September 24, 2021

Reducing waste in the washroom

Wastage in washrooms often refers to the paper products that are used, including hand towels and paper toilet rolls.

Two items that may seem small, but over time if not managed correctly can incur a signi cant cost for any facility. That’s not to say that there should be a limited amount within a facility because it is key to provide the necessities needed, and if there is insuf cient quantities of hand towels, it is highly likely that either hands will not be washed if there is no drying option, or wet hands will still spread smaller amounts of bacteria throughout the building.

As a result of covid-19, washroom consumables use has increased by 25.04% and yet the amount of time students have been in is significantly less

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Often dispensing systems allow users to be able to take huge amounts of hand towels in one go, and not all the hand towels in the ‘clump’ taken are used, meaning a huge amount of wastage per user, not to mention the number that get dropped and discarded on the floors of the washroom.

When this happens per person, every single day, it quickly adds up to be a very costly expense for the school or facility.

This also applies to toilet roll – where dispensing systems can often lead to the roll partially unravelling onto the floor as well as other common wastage issues including students downloading the entire contents onto the floor.

To overcome this, it is key to understand the various types of dispensing systems available on the market that are able to work as low waste, cost effective solutions, and ensure that every hand towel or piece of toilet paper is getting its full usage.

‘Zero-waste’ systems are often popular in high footfall washrooms and is something that we are able to offer should you want to look into this option. This maximises the usage from the amount dispensed and ensures each hand towel is used with minimal waste.

Plan of action

Increased use of consumables means increased costs. Here’s what you can do to counter that.

  • Ensure dispensers are installed. Paper towels should not be left out on the side as part of guidelines from Health and Safety Standards Board.

  • Dispensers should be lockable.

  • To reduce waste, ensure dispensers are fitted with a brake system to prevent free-rolling.

  • If you cant easily obtain a single sheet that’s presented flat then this will increase use and cost.

Reducing waste in the washroom