October 21, 2020

Cleaning Accreditations

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Cleaning Accreditations

Wed, 21st October 2020

When it comes to protecting your school, office, workspace, hotel, or place of learning it’s vital that your space is clean and sanitised. With people more aware than ever of the importance of cleanliness; obtaining tried and trusted cleaning accreditations can be the difference between success and failure. Why are cleaning accreditations so important?

The Value of Cleaning Accreditations

Accreditations prove to customers that your building cleanliness meets strict guidelines. This show of integrity and quality is a must in the cleaning sector. One of the main reasons why, is that cleanliness levels are hard to measure, particularly when bacteria/viruses are thrown into the mix as well. What is clean? How do you define it? How is it measured? 

Often these questions go unanswered but the reality is that visitors / staff / students and parents alike are wanting confidence that facilities are clean and safe.

Proceeding with increased regimes is clearly must do, but the added advantage of a cleaning accreditation shows to everyone walking through your facility that the products used have been checked and all dimensions of your spaces are being treated, leaving nothing to chance.

If you operate a chain of hotels, run a school, or even just a small office it’s critically important for you to know that you have the right products, staff are using the right methods and all dimensions are being covered. That combined with the need to ensure waste reduction and a focus on safety and sustainability can be a daunting task and is the main reason behind why we launched the Pura4D accreditation.

Becoming accredited you can more effectively manage your building’s cleanliness and reduce the chance of illnesses and viruses spreading. 

Trained cleaning staff can also improve efficiencies by reducing cleaning times with optimised approaches that work more effectively than traditional cleaning. Another added bonus is a clean space reduces illness within the workspace cutting down sick leave.

All of these benefits can be obtained by improving your cleaning regiment with tried and trusted accreditations. At Pura 4D we are redefining cleaning standards with programmes that will improve every aspect of your building’s cleanliness. 

Improving Service Delivery

Pura 4D offers professional cleaning audits, cleaning accreditations and training designed to improve every aspect of your cleaning. Our training supports the processes of your building and looks not to impede work but improve it with streamlined efficiencies, safer and healthier work and communal spaces, and increase customer and staff satisfaction with clean and bright places. 

All of these improvements come from our four-dimensional approach. Our systems target floors (1D), walls and ceilings (2D), furniture and surfaces (3D), and the air in your building (4D) to ensure nothing is left to chance. 

This holistic approach rethinks cleaning standards. Create spaces that are not just clean and safe but aesthetically appealing. Everything, from the air your team and guests breathe, to the surfaces they come into contact with affect mood and health. For example, poor cleanliness and light can exacerbate conditions and even lead to anxiety, insomnia and other issues. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to keep your office, hotel, school, and buildings clean, bright, and safe. Cleaning audits, training, and accreditations can help you achieve this.

Various reports claim the UK public spend over 90% of our time indoors. Ensure the safety and health of you and your team isn’t compromised. Contact us today to find out more about Pura4D’s cleaning solutions. Our expert teams will audit, support, train and supply your staff with modern cleaning products and solutions.

Cleaning Accreditations