December 22, 2020

Clean Classrooms Are Happy Classrooms

Clean Classrooms Are Happy Classrooms Pura 4D
Cleaning in the education sector are of paramount importance. In light of the pandemic here are some of the ways to improve your cleaning practices.

Cleaning and sanitation in the education sector are of paramount importance. In light of the pandemic and a collective understanding of the importance of knowing where germs and bacteria thrive; knowing where dirt and bacteria thrive in the classroom is the key to success. We’re going to look at the most common places for dirt to collect and suggest some ways to improve sanitation and help reduce the demand on your cleaning team.

Clean Classrooms Make for Happy Students

First of all, a clean classroom is a happy classroom. Students and teachers are affected by their surroundings so ensuring your spaces are clutter-free, bright, and clean helps promote positive thinking and reinforce good cleaning habits.

Clean school spaces are also key to ensuring the health and safety of your students. Children in clean classrooms are less likely to become ill and miss vital school time due to absenteeism.

High Touch Points

One of the first places to keep tidy is high touchpoints. Light switches, keyboards, cabinet handles, shared cubby spaces, and door handles all come into contact with teachers and students alike. These shared touchpoints can become breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses without a clear handwashing programme or sanitiser stations.

To combat this, make sure your cleaning team regularly cleans and sanitises high touchpoints. We can help you identify these problem areas with our handy cleaning audit and assist your cleaners in improving their processes and cleaning times.

Fabrics and Soft Materials

Soft play areas, materials, and fabrics are helpful tools for education, especially early development, but can also be dangerous as they are the perfect place for bacteria to hide. Where possible try to find replace these materials with alternatives that are easier to clean. If this isn’t possible then try to clean these materials frequently to reduce the chance of bacteria growing and spreading.

Steaming carpets in schools

4D Cleaning

Desks and chairs are an important focus of your regular cleaning programme but did you know counters, floors, and walls are also important? At Pura4D, we practice a unique 4D cleaning programme designed to clean every aspect of your space, the floors, walls, surfaces, and even the air in your rooms.

Floor cleaning is an essential task; this first dimension of cleaning improves floor cleanliness, reduce cleaning time, and make the task of mopping and scrubbing easier for your team.

Walls & ceilings are the second part of our process. These areas can be hard to reach with corners, grooves and high ceilings forming sanctuaries for dirt and grime. Our products and training make it easier to manage these hard to reach spaces.

Different surfaces react to different cleaning agents. We design specialist cleaning agent and equipment systems to match your surfaces and needs.

The air you breathe can affect concentration and health. Our systems actively scrub the air, removing invisible dangers. This gives you peace of mind and promotes health and wellbeing in your classrooms.

Education and Awareness

Finally, one of the most effective tools against illness is education. Teaching students to use sanitiser regularly, wash hands after going to the loo or before eating lunch, are all simple yet effective ways to fight the spread of dirt, grime, and illness.

With years of experience in cleaning hospitality, education, and commercial spaces we have perfected the art of improving cleaning processes while reducing cleaning time. Our cleaning audits tried and trusted products, and advanced systems are all you need to keep your school clean and tidy. Stay on top of your school’s cleaning regime with Pura4D and you’ll reduce the risk of illness. For more information on Pura4D or to get an in-depth cleaning audit contact us today.

Clean Classrooms Are Happy Classrooms