February 5, 2021

Advanced Cleaning Equipment for All Sectors

Pura 4D Cleaning Products
At Pura4D, we have cleaning equipment to revolutionise your cleaning practices; from reducing water usage to improving clean times.

At Pura4D, we have several systems and products to revolutionise your cleaning practices. From reducing water and chemical usage to improving clean times and staff efficiencies; we pride ourselves on creating spaces that are clean, safe, and sanitised. We target all 4 dimensions of a room, from the floors, walls and ceilings, to furniture, surfaces and even the air. 

To do this we use advanced cleaning equipment as well as unique insight into where germs thrive. In this blog, we’re going to showcase some of the mechanical cleaning products we use and sell.  

i-Mop Auto Scrubber

The i-Mop Auto Scrubber is an advanced cleaner that is capable of improving cleaning times and reducing labour costs. This advanced cleaner uses twin counter-rotating brushes for a deep scrub that cleans more effectively than traditional mops and auto scrubbers. The i-Mop is also easy-to-use and can reach into smaller spaces that larger automatic cleaners can’t. 

I-Mop Auto Scrubber - Difference

The i-Mop has undergone rigorous testing with the ATP confirming this product is ideal for hygiene-critical areas and cleans 90% more effectively than traditional mops. Add to this the auto suction technology which extracts almost all cleaning agents and leftover water and you have a product that works more effectively, saves time, and reduces potential fall or slip hazards.

i-Vac Commercial Vacuums

Our amazing i-Vac Commercial Vacuum cleaners are compact, lightweight, and fast. Available in cabled and battery models, these powerful machines actively clean surfaces and the air with three levels of air filtration designed to drastically reduce air pollution. This filtration system uses standard air filters, HEPA air filters, and ULPA air filters to scrub the air of pathogens, allergens, and particles. 

I-vac 5 Commercial Vacuum

Ranging from the lightweight i-Vac 5 to robust i-Vac 6, our i-Vac vacuum cleaners can be used across several sectors from offices and schools to hotels and hospitals. Get better results in less time with an advance solution that scrubs your floors and air all at the same time. 

i-Air Pro

Improving your air quality can improve mood, efficiency, and physical health. This knowledge is even more important to remember when working indoors, as the air conditions in buildings can be 5-10 times worse than outdoors. Particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and harmful microbiological elements are all invisible to the naked eye and can be detrimental to your health. This is where air filtration systems are key. 

I-AIR PRO - Product

Our i-Air Pro is a high capacity system that scrubs the air to deliver MERV19-class air, ideal for a wide range of sectors from hotels to schools, hospitals, and restaurants. MERV ratings between 17-20 are usually only found in laboratories and operating theatres showing how effective the i-Air Pro is. 

This efficacy is all thanks to the advanced FS-ACT technology built into this effective unit. Compact, powerful, and energy-efficient, the i-Air Pro removes 99.9999% of PM as well as 95%-97% of VOCs ensuring your spaces are safe while improving your team’s health and wellbeing.

PACVAC Vacuum Cleaners

We’ve used our expertise to source a selection of efficient backpack vacuum cleaners from brands like Velo and Superpro. These compact vacuum cleaners remove the need for wheeling around or dragging heavy vacuum cleaners. Instead, your cleaning team can work more efficiently, especially in stairwells and other uneven or awkward spaces. 

PACVAC Vacuum Cleaners

Our lightweight backpack vacuum cleaners are available in a range of sizes and are ergonomically designed for sustained use. Add to this powerful suction and air filtration and you’ve got a product which will only improve your cleaning practices. 

Motorscrubber Jet3 Portable Scrubber

The JET3 Portable Scrubber from Motorscrubber is a powerful scrubbing machine that completely removes the need for ungainly buckets. This scrubber revolutionises cleaning with a built-in chemical injection that offers 4x faster cleaning in those small spaces where your typical scrubbing machine can’t access. This mobile and cordless system means you can clean floors, walls and just about anywhere else with 3 metres of reach. 

JET3 Portable Scrubber - Robust

The JET3, while powerful, is also more efficient than traditional cleaners. The accurate dosing system uses concentrated sprays instead of large amounts of water. This reduces your effect on the environment and saves you time and money in the long run.

3D-100 Disinfectant Gun Sprayer

The 3D-100 disinfectant gun sprayer uses the principle of electrostatic induction to evenly and effectively distribute disinfectants. Using less than half the chemicals required for regular spraying, this advanced sprayer covers every surface saving you time and money while ensuring a deeper clean.

3D-100 Disinfectant Gun Kit

This lightweight, battery-operated spray gun shoots fully charged particles from the electrostatic gun attracting the particles to the desired surfaces. We offer demos with this amazing technology to show you, in person, how this disinfectant gun can reduce labour costs and provide advanced protection.

Experts in 4D Cleaning

At Pura 4D, we have become a trusted name in cleaning products, professional cleaning audits and training designed to improve your cleaning practices. If you’re interested in finding out more about the products we offer, please feel free to contact us today. Our expert teams will audit, support, train and supply your staff with modern cleaning products and solutions

Advanced Cleaning Equipment for All Sectors